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Group Video Gift Sets

Unforgettable gifts that use technology to make people feel deeply loved.

the gifts

Give the gift of happy tears.

1 part digital group video + 1 part corresponding personalized gift

We'll help you share from the heart
along with friends and family about
your loved ones most admired traits and shared memories to create a one of a kind group video gift. 
and then we'll take those traits and turn them into
a personalized piece of decor.
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Lovely Dots // How It Works
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our why

Your loved ones need this...
and they need it from you.

1 in 5 Americans is struggling with ongoing depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and isolation. 


One of the deepest needs we have is to be truly seen. What could be a better gift than to be able to show those we care about how great they are, and exactly why?

Imagine the effect this could have for someone who feels alone, unworthy, under appreciated, or left out!

What if your loved one could hear about the difference they've made in your life?

What if they were to hear just how meaningful the memories they have with you are?

What if they could hear all the unique reasons why you love them so much?

These are the types of words that are life changing. This kind of impact lasts forever. This kind of impact is unforgettable...

And this kind of impact is as easy as pressing a few buttons, connecting a few people, and choosing personalized gifts that are automatically created for you.


Don't you want that for your loved one?

Launching Soon!

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Who's behind this?

My name is Nicole Wolf,

and I believe words matter...

So does my friend Amy Hallberg...

so we are bringing the world Lovely Dots.

Can you imagine throwing a decade long design career to the side to dive head first into the tech industry? Yeah I couldn't have either... but when passion calls you answer.

I've worked as a fashion designer for top brands in NYC & LA, and I've started two design companies creating luxury furniture and lighting, and large scale art pieces.

Amy has a background in people. She's championed children through teaching, and helps others through her work as a dental hygienist. To top it off, the ways she continually serves her community and shows the world how to live out of love is pure beauty to witness.


Working together on this project has been a no brainer.


Knowing that Lovely Dots was something that had to come to existence has been clear from the start.

When I saw Kelle's face after receiving the first video gift I made, I knew that helping people understand how amazing they are is a much bigger purpose than just creating beautiful things.

After that first gift, creating things that weren't just unforgettable, but life giving...and life changing became the mission. 

the app

Giving meaningful gifts
will be easier than ever...

BETA version coming soon!

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